ONLINE Holistic Massage

Fees: 340 EUR

Fees for a group (min.3 people.): 210 EUR




Program length: 5 classes per 2 hrs

Program dates: in Your dates


1.class - 2 hrs.theory: Sanitary rules, Massage indications, contraindications. Massage schemes and execution protocol. + Homework

2.class - 2 hrs.practical workout: Massage on the Back of a model (or You can use phantom if you do not have a model. The tutor will explain about usage of a phantom for learning) + Homework

3.class - 2 hrs.practical workout: mugura + kakla zona + rokas + Mājas darbs: patstāvīgais darbs

4.class - 2 hrs.practical workout: atkārtojam muguru, kakla zonu un rokas + kāju masāža (aizmugurējā un priekšējā daļas) + vēders + dekoltē zona. Mājās - pārbaudes darbs - Testi

5.class . - Demonstration of the whoe treatment in the certain time period. Execution of all techniques on all body parts. Final Test. Questions and answers.

Technical Platform:  FB MESSENGER VIDEO CALL

Documents: After the program we issue an international certificate  "Holistic/ Classical Massage"


1) Anatomy Phisiology
2) Hygiene and Sanitation
3) Indications and contraindications. Schemes of Massage Techniques. Their physiological effect on the body.
4) Workout of all Classical Massage Techniques on different body parts.
5) Problematic body zones
6) MAterial Science: Usage of different oils for Massage.


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