Removing Of Micropigmentation (Permanent Makeup)

If you would like to learn how to remove tattoos and permanent make up by means of laser technologies, the see the menu "Laser Technologies"

We invite you for a practical training in removing of micropigmentation by means of REJUVI TATTOO REMOVER

The training will allow to learn to remove micropigmentation avoiding usage of laser. The program is worked out for practicing masters.

Duration: 1 day (3-4 hrs)

Cost: 140 EUR (you take your own model)

Documents: we provide international certificate for program


  • Material science - the characteristics and usage of suspensy;
  • Practical part - work with model;
  • Removing technologies ;

We invite the masters to participate with your own PMU machines (if you do not have yours - please inform the administration - we will be able to provide the machine for your practice) For practical part of the seminar - you have to purchase the REJUVI TATTOO REMOVER for your work

We provide 10% discount for our students - Rejuvi TATTOO Remover 0.35oz (professional suspension) - 132 EUR 10% = 118.80 EUR

Important! We invite you to come for the training with your own model for practice


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