State accredited vocational programme "Micropigmentation Technologies" - ITEC preparation

We invite You for the accredited program "Micropigmentation technologies". License P-14634, Accreditation AI 12004. This program can be provided in English INDIVIDUALLY.

This program is a full program of Micropigmentation Technologies. You will learn all steps of classic and new techniques of micropigmentation (Permanent Make UP) of eyebrows, lips, eyelines.


Tutor: Gunita Oldenburger -The highest level micropigmentation master with more than 10 years of practical experience, with professional education in the Beauty sphere and with many international practical professional seminars in Micropigmentation (Permanent Make Up). She has participated in different international competitions in the area of micropigmentation, has developed her knowledge in different seminars and master-classes concerning modern technologies and methodes of micropigmentation in Latvia, Germany, Russia


Tuition: Face to Face or Online (Zoom). In case of Online tuition you will have to provide all material tools for the treamtments, sothat you can perform the treatments from your side. 


Micropigmentation device: We provide for your training process a digital micropigmentation device of last generation with cartridge system, low noise and vibration level. This device stays in your property after the program.

Models: The School helps to provide models for your training process. Also we are glad if you invite your own models.

Cosmetic materials: The School fully provides you with the cosmetic materials, such as anesthetic materials, cartridges, desinfection materials, cups, pigments etc.

Pigments: We work with professional pigments, that meet all the EU and LR certification requirements for sterility and for allowed components.

Documents after the program:

1. State Accredited Diploma for vocational education in program  "Micropigmentation Techniques" (on EU standards, eligible in all EU territory and in many countries outside EU) together with Mark Statement in all the Subjects. We provide International translation to this diploma, so that this can be acccepted in EU official Institutes.  

2. As attachgments to the diploma we provide also international Certificates:

2.1. "Micropigmentation Technologies" with accredited Units: 

-Sanitation and Hygiene requirements
-Materials Science 
-Professional Conduct
-Make Up basics
-Eyebrow classical micropigmentation with Full Shading Technology
-Lips classical micropigmentation with and without countouring 
-Classical Eyeline micropigmentation: Eyeliner between lashes

2.2.  International  Certificate "Eyebrow Micropigmentation in Realistic Technique" (or so called "Hair Stroke Brows")

2.3. International Certificate "Eyebrow Micropigmentation in "Powder Technique" or "Eyebrow Semi Permanent MakeUp"



  • Sanitation and hygiene, desinfection;
  • The basics of anatomy, physiology. Indications and Contraindications. Skin types;
  • Coloristics, color type of a client, theory of Year's Seasons for coloristics;
  • Materials Sciense: Anesthetics, its types, indications and contraindications;
  • Materials Sciense: Pigments, allowed and not allowed components. Pigments mixing techniques. Using Of pigments for different micropigmentation treatments;
  • Make Up: Types of facial shapes. Practical shaping of eyebrows for different facial types. Practical forming of eyebrows, lips, eyelines.
  • Eyebrows micropigmentation: Full Shading (or Claassical Technique) of eyebrows. Restoration of old micropigmentation (permanent make up). Methods of shape correction;
  • Eyebrows micropigmentation: Realistic Eyebrows ("Hair Technique") ;
  • Eyebrows micropigmentation: Powder Eyebrows ;
  • Eyeline micropigmentation: Forming of an Eyeline between lashes ;
  • Lips micropigmentation: Full filling in without contour ;
  • Lips micropigmentation: Forming of contour. Merging of contour with the basic color of lips;
  • Lips micropigmentation: Insight into Powder Technique;
  • Pre and Post micropigmentation treatment;
  • Possibilities of correction of the previous permanent makeup mistakes.

Preparation for the ITEC exam:

- Tutor will provide the sample ITEC questions (approx 40-50 in each module) in such theoretical modules as Professional conduct (incl.1st aid and sanitation and hygiene requirements), Anatomy and Physiology, Make Up. Also

- You will have to fill in (as per ITEC requirements) at least 5 clients Forms (questionnaires) with pictures of your works (so this means that you will have to make at least 5 independent treatments with pictures and fill in the Clients Forms.

- The Tutor will double check the pictures of work - if everything has been executed correctly (meaning the treatment, and the form)

Duration: 24 classes per 3 hrs

Cost of Face to Face classes: 2500 EUR

Cost of Zoom classes: 2300 EUR

Dates: On your personal schedule.

This course will prepare you to work with classical technologies of micropigmentation. The main empgasis is on practical classes with artificial skin and models (administration will help to privide models for your tuition)


RiS School fully provides all necessary cosmetics, machines, pigments, desinfection, professional clothing. We work only with professional cosmetics and anesthetics with EU certification- Purebeau, Giant Sun, Love Beauty

Cost for the models - 22.00EUR for any procedure. You work on models under close control of master-tuitor to achieve the best result.

Tutor's works

Our "micropigmentation technologies" program tutor's Yana Markovec works