Qualification Raise For Hairstylists

Tuition program is supposed for those who gained the qualification of Hairdrdresser and would like to improve skills and knowledge in this profession, as well as to acquire new and modern haistyling techniques. This program's length - 2 months. Program contains 80% of practice. The school provides also models for practicing.

If you are interested in working abroad in hairstyling salons we invite you to take ITEC certification for Hairstylist's qualification.


  • clasiique male and female haircuts;
  • Modelling of classique haircuts;
  • Moderntechniques of haircutting:
  • Graduated bob;
  • Cascade haircut;
  • Men's undercut;
  • Modern techniques:
  • Slicing;
  • Pointing;
  • Pointcut;
  • Modern dyeing techniques:
  • Ombre;
  • Sombre;
  • Shatush;
  • Flame;
  • Balajazh;
  • Babylights;
  • Pixels;
  • Dim-out;
  • AirTouch;
  • Work with grey hair.

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