Practical training in Piercing Techniques

90% of practice

Tuition fee with your model: 180 EUR

Tuition fee with the School's model: 195 EUR

Treatment fee for your model: free (please come with your jewellery)

Treatment fee for the School's Model: 5  EUR

Jewellery fee (1 pc): 5 EUR

Program length: ~4 hrs

Documents: international certificate


1) Basics of Anatomy and  Physiology for the treatment
2) Sanitationa and hygiene
3) Materialscience, tools, equiplment
4) Types of Piercing, Styles. Insight into variety of techniques
5) Techniques of Piercing:

- Ear
- Auricle
- Nose
- Navel

6) Practical Workout with a model
7) Indications And Contraindications. Aftercare.

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