Clasical waxing + deep bikini waxing + insight sugaring + bikini design basics

Instructor - medical person, cosmetologist - Elīna Spiridovska

We offer individual training on your personal schedule

You are welcome to come with your personal models for practical training.

Cost: 250.00EUR + 10.00EUR for materials.

We provide all necessary materials for this training (all types of waxing, accessories, extra clothing for you as a master)


  • Professional non-allergic materials, a large choice of wax (solid and liquid waxes);
  • Basics of anatomy and physiology;
  • Basics of Pathology;
  • Sanitation and hygiene;
  • Schemes of waxing on different parts of your body;
  • Insight into sugaring;
  • Practical part - waxing technology on different parts of the body (classical waxing - face, armpits, arms, legs);
  • Bikini waxing + basic design of bikini waxing.

95% of practical work

After the program we issue the international certificate "Classical Waxing" and "Bikini Waxing And Design".