Eyelash extension and design

Individual Intense Training on your individual dates and time.

We invite to apply via e-mail ris.skola@gmail.com or telephone +37129724355.

Cost: 240.00EUR
Language: English
Duration: 1 day (5-6 hrs)

RiS Training Center offers all the materials for your training. We use only professional materials for the training. You are welcome to come with your own model. If you do not have your model - please inform the administration and we will assist you with the model.


  • Sanitation and hygiene;
  • Materials science - types af lash extension, glue types, quality control, using of Swarowski stones;
  • Styles of lash extensions - for special occasions, everyday lashes;
  • Extension technologies;
  • Practical part - you practically train the classic method "One to one", and have some practical insight into the technology "Several to One";
  • Different length and thickness of lashes;
  • Correction (Prophylaxis) of lashes;
  • Some advice for long-term effect of extended lashes.

After the program you receive the Certificate in English for acquiring the program "Eyelash Extensions"

After the program of Classical Eyelash extensions we invite you to raise your qualification with the program