Holistic massage / Swedish classical massage

Program length: 5 individual classes per 2.5 hrs or 3 classes per 5 hrs (23 acad.hrs)

Fee: 620 EUR

Language: English

Documents: International Certificate "Full Body Holistic / Swedish Classical Massage" ,


- Sanitation and Hygiene
- Basics of Materials Science
- Basics of Anatomy And Physiology
- Clients Consultation
- Holistic/ Swedish Massage techniques on full body 

You can work in EU and other countries with this document.

Training Process: Face to Face or Online (Zoom) 


  • Sanitation and Hygiene;
  • Basics of Anatomy, physiology, pathology; Indications, Contraindications
  • Holistic (Swedish Classical) massage treatment - theory and emphasis on practical training on the models - legs, back, neck and shoulders, arms, head, chest;
  • The client treatment after the procedure.