Modern tuition program "INTERIOR DESIGN" - Work with Your project

This intensive program provides students a modernized approach to interior design training. This program will allow you practically to develop your specific interior design projects in an electronic environment in a short period of time

TUTORS: Ilona Bogdane, Inga Abola

Documents: After the program You receive an International Certificate in a program "Interior Design Technologies" .

Study process: You can study Face To Face or ONLINE. Due to the fact that the duration of the study program is rather short, students immediately start the practical implementation of the project with the help of a computer, at the same time acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge and putting these skills into practice.

Computer program: - Sketch Up.

In this program the project is executed from "0" to the finished project in 3D format with room decoration and furniture. All technical nuances (electricity, lighting, sewerage) are considered in specialized seminars, which are dedicated to each thematic area.

Main rooms: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, children's room, study, etc. on request, also public places.

This program was developed for those people who want to practically develop a design and visualization for their specific project or object. You will work practically with the help of a computer from the very beginning of the program. The whole program is focused on the acquisition of modern skills and abilities in room design

Program length: 10 classes per 3 hrs

Program language: English

Program fee: 1470 EUR


  • Compilation and formulation of a technical task for your project (At your choice: apartment, house, shop, cafe, showroom or other public premises);
  • Planning analysis, making room plan corrections;
  • Regularities of composition;
  • Psychological perception of forms;
  • Color theory (color psychology, work with the color wheel, principles of color harmony, season theory, etc.);
  • Execution of collages for your specific project (electronically, with the help of a computer);
  • Finishing interior materials, modern materials;
  • Execution of electronic moods;
  • Natural and artificial lighting in the interior;
  • Room Ergonomics;
  • History of interior styles: modern styles, their application in your project;
  • A presentation for the client.