Practical seminar "Removing of micropigmentation"

This seminar is intended for permanent makeup masters. You will learn how to remove totally from the skin the old makeup (20 years and more) or how to make it lighter. This method will allow you to correct the old mistakes of permanent makeup and to make a new permanent make up. This method of removing of micropigmentation allows to remove any color of micropigmentation, it leaves no scars, it has no cancirogenic effect. You will not have to send your client away to take out the old micropigmentation - you will be able to offer your solution on the spot.

In the basis of this method is Rejuvi Professional suspension that takes out of the skin any kind of pigment (permanent makeup or tattoo).


  • Sanitation and hygiene;
  • Preparing for the procedure;
  • Indications and contraindications;
  • Material Science - information about the working material;
  • Theoretical part - how to act with eyes, eyebrows, lips permanent makeup; how to act with the body tattoos;
  • Practical part - procedure with the client;
  • Handling after the procedure.

Cost: 250.00EUR
Language: ENG
Duration: 1 day (5-6 hrs)