Style & makeup intense individual training

Individual tuition duration: 4 classes per 3 hrs

Individual tuition cost: 320.00EUR + 25.00EUR for materials

Language: English

You will learn how to create wonderful make makeup for diffrent types of faces and for different occasions.

You start with corrections of face shapes and continue with a daytime (transparent) makeup (1st class). Then you turn to different evening makeups. The focus of this program is on practical trainings. Every class you create one or two different types of makeup.

Administration helps with the models for your practical classes. You are welcome to come with your own models.


  • Theory will be given along with practical trainings;
  • Material science: the cosmetics for professional usage, sanitation and hygiene basics;
  • Color science: defining of individual range of colors, psychology of perceiving of colors;
  • Insight into styles of 1920-1990 years; Modern approach;
  • Science of Makeup - practical creating of different styles makeup:
  • Daytime=natural or transparent" makeup transformation into the evening makeup *Golden or silver makeup, *glamour makeup, *smokey eyes *vamp, *technovamp, *cat eyes
  • Special occasions - *Wedding, *Graduating from school
  • Basics of using of accessories when making makeup
  • Classical makeup
  • Foto makeup features - transformation of the evening makeup