Tattoo - individual program

You learn tattoo technologies from the very beginning, so you do not need any grounding in this area. After the program you learn to execute nice tattoos in different styles and techniques.

Main focus of tuition is on practice.

Our tattoo master is practising the tattoo art for more then 10 years nad in short term of time you will be able to acquire basic principles of tattooing.

Language: English

Duration: 12 days per 3 hours

Cost: 972 EUR

Materials: All necessary tattoo machines, inks, artificial skin, etc. will be provided for your training

Models: you can invite your own models or the school can invite the model for your practice

Dates: on your individual schedule

Documents: international certificate (EN) or other language on your demand.

We offer tuition on your individual schedule. Provide dates when you are able to visit classes and administration will make the tuition schedule for you.


  • Days 1 - theoretical lecture - sanitary and hygiene, tattoo salon equipment, working tools, basics of anatomy and physiology, indications and contraindications;
  • Days 2-4 - choosing a tattoo picture, color of tattoo, combination of colors, tattoo treatments before and after the procedure, tattoo making schema;
  • Days 5-9 - practical trainings on artificial skin and on models. Tattooing with different tattooing techniques. Color tattoo;
  • Days 10-12 - making tattoo on the models.

You learn how to make tattoo templates (standard and stroke techniques), Vector tattoos (texts and others), outline techniques, shadowing techniques (greywash, layering).

Working set for practical trainings:

  • Tattoo machine (for outline and for shadowing);
  • Pedal;
  • Clipcord;
  • Pigments, Anesthetics, artificial training skin, etc
  • Disposable handle, nozzles, needles.