Nail Care Seminars

We offer seminars for masters and beginners. Please inquire dates for each seminar separately. All seminars and short courses will be planned at your request. Please contact the administration to coordinate the dates.

Teacher: Inga Auza.


1. Classical Manicure and Pedicure

We offer to master classical manicure and pedicure, as a seperate training course , nail coating with Gellish.


  • Sanitation ang hygiene basics;
  • Material Sience;
  • Classical manicure technology (women's and men's manicure);
  • Classical pedicure techmology;
  • Work with nail varnish;
  • Work with gellish technology.

For training you need to purchase tooling kit.

The price for individual training is 470.00EUR

After completing the program we will issue a sertificate in Latvian and English Languages.

2. Hardware manicure

Welcome to the ine day seminar for people with grounding "Hardware manicure"


  • Sanitation and hygiene requirements procedure;
  • Material sience;
  • Preparing client for the procedure;
  • Technical procedure execution on client;
  • After procedure work.

Seminar duration: 7-8 hours
The price for individual training: 220.00EUR

After finishing program we issue a sertificate in Latvian and English languages.

We provide a machine to work at this program.

3. Gel Nail Technology

You are welcome to the program "Gel nail technology".


  • Sanitation and hygiene requirements procedure;
  • Material sience;
  • Procedure technological process;
  • Procedure execution on models;
  • Design basics.

Program duration for individual studies: 6 classes for 3-4 hours
The price for individual training is 495.00EUR

4. Gelish Technology masterclass

What is gellish technology?

Gellish is considered as hybrid enamel. It should be applied to the nail as a normal nail enamel, also does not differ in appearance, but it has all the positive properties of the gel, which also makes the invention so popular


  • Gellish formula, Gellish advantages and myths;
  • Technology and materials used in Gellish, diversity;
  • Necessary working tools for Gellish deposition and remova;
  • Gellish applicaton for brittle, damaged nails;
  • Nail preparation for enamel application;
  • Gellish application sequence, drying, remove;
  • Gellish design;
  • French manicure;
  • 2 and more colours;
  • Fashion trends in manicure and pedicure year 2017;
  • Matte nail effect (combination with glanced nails).

Seminar duration: 1 day
Cost: 75.00EUR + 10.00EUR

5.Gel nail modeling - raising qualification for master

For those who has back knowledge in gel nail modeling, but wants to supplement and inprove the existing knowledge and skills.

Seminar duration: 2 days
Cost: 215.00EUR+ 15.00EUR for materials

6. Design basics - 10 full designs from A to Z

If you are a young master who just has finished studies,or you are a master with a big experience, who takes care of skills, then this seminar is just for you.

  • Straight lines (basics);
  • Technology connections;
  • Brush choice;
  • Colour combinations;
  • Modern technologies;
  • Folija, akmeņi, reljefa pulveris, pigmenti.

During the course you will make independently 10 full designs from A to Z. You shoul take brushes with you, (size 00, 1,15) If you wish

you can take your own materials and nail enamels.

Seminar duration: about 6-7 hours.
Cost: 98.00EUR + 10.00EUR for materials

7. Nail design technique combinations

Nail design training in depth.

Seminar duration: 2 days, 5-6 hours.
Csot: 235.00EUR + 20.00EUR for materials

8. Hardware pedicure

Seminar is for people with previous knowledge.


  • Room organization for foot hardware pedicure;
  • Sanitary norms and materials for pedicure rooms;
  • Problem solving options - cosmetic treatment, cracs, hyperkeratosis;
  • Food treatment methods;
  • Diabetic foot preventive care;
  • Feet age deformation.

Seminar duration: 6-7 hours (10:00 - 16:00)
Cost: 185.000EUR