We offer programs:

1) Accredited program (160 acad.hrs (credits)) "MANICURE AND PEDICURE WORK TECHNOLOGIES" - for those who want to work in nail care salons, to provide their individual service in Latvian Republic.

2) Accredited program with the QUALIFICATION "MANICURE AND PEDICURE SPECIALIST" (480 acad.hrs (credits)) for those who want to register and open YOUR OWN salon in the European Union countries.


Implementation of the program: Please note that the classes will be planned both in person and remotely, taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country. Your available days and times will be taken into account for scheduling. The lesson schedule gets drawn up individually. However, classes can take place both individually and in groups (1-3 people), if the study schedules coincide.

Online tutorial: It is also possible to take part of the lessons online using Zoom or Skype.

Models: Models for your studies are planned from the 2nd or 3rd lesson. The school will help you to get models for practical classes, but it would be desirable for you to invite your own models as well.

Work tools: Please buy your own set of tools. But if there is such a need, the school will be able to provide a set of tools for training - please notify the administration about this by signing up for training.

Target audience:Persons with previous basic education with or without prior knowledge can apply for the program.

Full Express Program: Manicure, Pedicure, Gel Polish And Gel Nail Extensions

Program length: 8 classes per 6-7 hrs

Program Fee: 1150 EUR

Payment for materials used during the tuition: 69 EUR (if you apply for tuition without Your materials)

Professional materials: If You would like to purchase your own materials set, then the tutor can organize for you an Excursion on Professional Stores and tell you about different materials and brands on the market. With the guidance of the tutor you will be able to buy your own materials. You will have to form following sets: tool set for Manicure, Pedicure, Gel nail polish set, Gel Extensions set.

Documents: Latvian Republic (LR)  (European) state accredited vocational diploma "Manicure And Pedicure Technologies" (You can register your own salon with this document in LR.

International certificates:

 EN "Manicure And Pedicure", "Gel Nail Extensions", "Basics Of Nail Design"

Dates: Program gets implemented individually after your individual Schedule



  • Classical / Wet manicure and pedicure;
  • Gel Nail Extensions (hands and feet);
  • Nail Design Basics - "French", Accessories, etc;
  • Gel Nail Polishes;
  • Spa Treatments (Hands and feet)

Tuition Plan:

1 class: Theory - 6 hrs: - Sanitation And Hygiene - Materialscience - Anatomy And Physiology, Skin Structure - Skin Deceases, Indications And Contraindications - Technology For Wet / Classical Manicure And Pedicure

2 class - 1 model for Wet/ Classical Manicure + Classical Nail Polish / Gel Nail Polish + Homework

3 class - 2 models for Wet Manicure + Gel Nail Polish + Homework

4 class - 1 model Wet/ Classical Pedicure + Classical Nail Polish / Gel Nail Polish + Homework

5 class - 2 models Wet/ Classical Pedicure + Classical Nail Polish / Gel Nail Polish, insight into SPA treatments (hands, feet) + Homework

6, 7, 8 classes - practical workout with models for Gel Nail Extensions, Master Class for Nail Designs   

Models: YOu can applu your own models, if you want some assistance for models from adminsitration, please inform us, and we will help to provide models for you!!

We offer also other Express programs and seminars in Nail Services. You can find the programs HERE:

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