Study Visa (Residence Permit)

RiS School provides assistance in study visa (residence permit for the period up to 12 months)  



1. "HAIRDRESSER"  - 12 months


2. "SPA SPECIALIST"- 12 / 24 months


Admission for groups 2022: 


International SPA group ENG :
On Fridays (10:00 am - 14:00 pm): 

From 29 January 2022

From 26 March 2022

From 28 May 2022

From 30 July 2022

From 01 October 2022


International group (Hairdressing) ENG (RU):
On Tuesdays (10:00 am - 14:00pm)

From 01 February 2022

From 05 April 2022

From 07 June 2022

From 03 August 2022

From 05 October 2022


For earlier dates we can offer only individual programs (ENG).


Duration of Residence Permit: 12 - 24 months

Tuition fees: 150 EUR / month for any program

Invitation forming Fees (non refundable): 150 EUR (from another coutry), 50 EUR (from Latvia)

Payment process: Before the School starts Invitation forming, the Student has to pay Invitation forming fees and a half of the program fees as a deposit.

Refund of the tuition fees: The School fully refunds the tuition fees (deposit) if the student gets negative decision from the Embassy . The School does not refund Invitation forming fees

Documents for Invitation:
1. Copy of passport and your current Residence Permit
2. Application form to School for admission
3. Legal agreement with a School about tuition
4. Documents that approve your payments for the School's services        

Forming of the residence permit from Latvia

If You are a foreigner in Latvia and would like to prolongate the residence permit:  
To get invitation: 50 Eur for invitation forming and you should prepay at least a half of the program fees.  

Forming of the residence permit from your home coutry

For this moment there is an Emergency Situation in Latvia due to spread of COVID-19. There are restrictions concerning admission of foreign students from other coutries. The School acts regarding actual Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers and other government directives. As soon as all restrictions get cancelled, the School will start admission of foreign students.  

1. The school assists the foreigners (also India, Sri Lanka and other countries)  in getting residence permit  (study visa) for the period of study at an accredited program. 
2. The school starts assisting in visa forming only 2-2,5 months prior the study beginning after concluding the tuition legal agreement. 

3. FORMING OF STUDY VISA (for residence permit):

3.1) apply for a programme via homepage
3.2) You receive the School's applcation form and invoice for tuition deposit and visa forming fee
3.3) You fill in the School's Application form, make the prepyment (deposit) at least half of the programme feeand provide your passport copy provide the bank statement for necessary financial substitution
3.4) You receive the School interview date
3.5) You receive the invitation number from the Latvian Embassy
3.6) You receive the signed legal agreement  and copy of the invitation letter
3.7) You arrange the interview date with Latvian Embassy / VFS  

Invitation Forming Fee: 150 EUR (non refundable)

4. Be aware that both The School  and The Student participate in the formation of the residence permit.


Before you start document forming, you need to find out where the Latvian Embassy (or other Institution, performing the Functions of Embassy) is located in your country (For example, for India - VFS Global). Please advise if  you have a physical opportunity to go to the embassy in order to submit the documents.

Steps for forming of Residence permit in Latvia:
1. Inform The School - do you have any address for living and declaration in Latvia (Riga) or you take the address from The School's partner.
2. The School submits the Invitation to the Migration Department in Latvia.
3. You get The confirmation of the invitation number from the Embassy of Latvia.  



4.1)  You have to submit the FILLED IN QUESTIONNAIRE in 2-3 working days into the Latvian Embassy (or other Institution that provides this function) in Your coutry. 
4.2)   a photography;
4.3)   a document confirming the necessary subsistence (430 Eur per month). This must be an official statement from the bank. Not a personal printout from the internetbanking;
4.4)   a document confirming the state duty payment (you can pay on the place in the embassy);
4.5)   an agreement on learning in the Republic of Latvia (The School already has provided to you) – signed by two parties;
4.6)   a statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host  country (for a foreigner more than 14 years old), if a foreigner has resided in that country longer than 12 months. (Each person receives the statement in his/her home country , that they have not been punished or have not been in a jail, ets).

5.    When you receive positive decision from the Embassy, You go to The Embassy AGAIN to form the Student Visa “NATIONAL D TYPE VISA”

6.    You form the residence permit document (the card) when you already come to Latvia. In Riga You will have to turn to the Migration department for Residence permit forming.

7. For a student: when you receive a a residence permit you will have to provide:

7.1. health insurance policy 7.2. fluorogram that you do not have active tuberkulosis  

8. Refusal to issue a residence permit: If you receive a refusal from the Embassy to issue a residence permit, you must send this document electronically to the School to reimburse the tuition fee paid.
We confirm that if the Embassy makes a negative decision on the issue of a residence permit (study visa), the School undertakes to fully reimburse the tuition fee paid.
Please see the detailed information at the web site: