Study VISA (Residence permit) forming up to 12 months

RiS School provides assistance in study visa (residence permit for the period up to 12 months) forming for our students who apply for long-term programme "Hairdresser" for coming to Latvia/ EU.

Conditions for Forming  of Study Visa (Or Residence permit for the period of the study):

Please see the detailed information at the web site:

1. The school assists in getting study visa for accredited programme "Hairdressing Services". To launch the visa forming profess you should: 1) apply for the programme 2) send out the passport copy together with the application form 3) make the prepyment (deposit) at least half of the programme fee - 1100 EUR. The school will then be able to provide assistance with the issue of the residence permit for the study period in the state accredited school. The rest of the study fee you will have to pay 1 month prior the program start.

2. Before you start document forming, you need to find out where the Latvian Embassy is located in your country (or the embassy of another country performing this function). Please advise if  you have a physical opportunity to go to this embassy in order to insert the documents.

3. Be aware that both the School  and the student participate in the formation of the study residence permit.

4. Please note that the student will have to prove his / her financial security amounting to 430 Eur for each month that you plan to stay in Latvia.

5. For a student: You shall present a valid travel document admitted in the Republic of Latvia and submit the following documents:

   5.1. a definite sample form for a residence permit request; Questionnaire
   5.2. a photography;
   5.3. a document confirming the necessary subsistence (430 Eur/ per month);
   5.4. a document confirming the state duty payment;
   5.5. an agreement on learning in the Republic of Latvia (you receive it from the School).

6. For a student: For forming of a residence permit you (a student) will have to provide documents and information about a planned  place of living in Latvia. You can choose the living place by yourself using, for example, the BOOKING app. Or you can ask a school to provide you information about the nearest place of living. In any case you will have to proove your booking of an appartment/ hostel/ hotel etc

7. For a student: when you receive a a residence permit you will have to provide:

7.1. health insurance policy
7.2. fluorogram that you do not have active tuberkulosis


6. Refusal to issue a residence permit:
If you receive a refusal from the Embassy to issue a residence permit, you must send this document electronically to the School to reimburse the tuition fee paid. We confirm that if the Embassy makes a negative decision on the issue of a residence permit (study visa), the School undertakes to fully reimburse the tuition fee paid.

7. School Service Fee for forming of the Residence Permit: 150 EUR (this fee does not get paid back)

8. Settlement Procedure: The school will start the process of document formation only after your application for the study programme, after the deposit for the programme and after your payment of the service fee (150 EUR). You can pay via Internet Banking.

9. Living possibilities: You can choose a place of living by yourself and provide to the School the reservation documents (address) for forming of a residence permit. Or you can ask the School to provide information about the nearest place of living (hostel). In any case you will have to make reservation of a place of living for forming the documents.